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Auditory Program

Brain Child Auditory Program

Brain Child uses modern technology to assess and treat attentional issues, auditory issues, verbal and reading comprehension, articulation and phonological deficits. Testing the auditory systems within the brain is an important part of our assessment process. During the testing we often find not only auditory processing deficits to be in evidence,  but also reading comprehension issues and memory deficits.

Most individuals who have articulation or phonological disorders also have receptive speech problems. This receptive problem often means that the individual cannot distinguish target speech sound that are articulated correctly from those that contain errors. In other words, garbled in…garbled out…

Brain Child Auditory assessments allow us to not only identify those with these auditory problems, but offer appropriate exercises and options. Auditory improvement is commonly followed by rapid and substantial improvements in receptive and productive speech, improved reading comprehension, as well as improved attention, focus and concentration.

The Auditory Program uses exercises and activities that can effectively contribute to the brain’s development and maturation. It trains the brain to process auditory input appropriately and receive all auditory frequencies. With a thorough listening evaluation, specific listening and processing problems can be pinpointed and identified and then specifically treated. Improved listening ability will improve tonal processing, which in turn improves sequential auditory processing and language processing.

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