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NeuroCodeX Analysis

NeuroCodeX™  is a service and program that focuses on the many different aspects of cognitive development and cognitive rehabilitation by providing measurable insights into an individual’s neurofunction. Based on the findings a complete cognitive rehabilitation training program is designed for the individual that focuses on their specific deficits found in the analysis.

NeuroCodeX™ is a complete brain function analysis system that integrates classic neuropsychological measures with modern neuro-electric brainwave activity, personal cognitive abilities, brain development, brain function performance and brain systems connections and then compares those measures against normalized databases in order to determine brain dysfunction. The analysis utilizes evidence-based instruments and tools in order to define as precisely as possible an individual’s brain function.

Overview of NeuroCodex
Evalution & Brain-mapping

Upon completion of the analysis a full report is generated based on the brain measurements. Reports generated by the NeuroCodeX™ analysis method are targeted towards answering specific neurophysiological questions within targeted populations ranging from child neurodevelopment, adult neurofunction deficits and head trauma, to specialized reports that focus on addiction issues.

Our teams’ approach helps overcome brain processing issues and brain dysfunction. The NeuroCodeX™ process does this, first, by gaining measurable, objective, evidence-based insights into how your brain is functioning. Then, second we create a Report of Findings that outlines the results of the measurements. Then, third we create a treatment program, utilizing our proprietary NeuroCoach™ software, which is based on proven solutions to help each individual reach their full potential. Our goal is to fix the problem at the root cause level, not just mask the symptoms.

Using the latest EEG Neuro-Imaging techniqueswe provide one of the most comprehensive analysis available, which is designed to determine not only where, but also why the brain is not functioning properly. In short, the analysis determines the brain’s many strengths as well as its weaknesses.

Our goal is to identify the underlying issues that have created the dysfunction.

The NeuroCodeX™ Process is an evidence based EEG approach to determining where the dysfunction occurs. We use our proprietary method to assesses over 293 dimensions of brain activity, including intellectual and cognitive abilities, brain processing speed and regulation, emotional abilities, attention and concentration abilities. We look at the individual’s neuro-function, neuro-development, physiology, and bio-chemistry and combine that with the development of the individual’s personality and various skill levels, and then finally, add in environmental effects and how each interacts with the other in order to produce the desired results. The process compares your brain with age appropriate and peer determined norms. In other words, how your brain processing and abilities compare to others in your age group.

NeuroFunction + NeuroDevelopment + Physiology + BioChemistry + Personality + Skill Level + Environment = NeuroCodeX™ Process

The NeuroCodeX™ intake, data collections, evaluation, data analysis, interpretation, identifies loss of function or missing stages of development that may hinder performance. This is true for children with neurodevelopment delays, as well as adults who have received head injuries or have brain trauma due to addictions or PTSD.

The neurocognitive evaluation takes a “snapshot” of each individual’s present abilities and indicates areas of the brain that need to be retrained, repaired or enhanced.