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Cognitive Repair

Cognitive Repair is a technique that balances the brain’s cognitive ability, cognitive resiliency, brain processing speed, brain resiliency and emotional resiliency to enable optimal brain function.

It is one of many modalities that we may use as part of our client’s overall program. It is used in conjunction with other neurodevelopment therapies, neurocognitive therapies, neurofunction therapies if indicated.  Cognitive repair, when used properly, can be valuable in overcoming cognitive delays, addictions, head traumas and brain development that may be delayed. Our programs are different from other cognitive based programs in how we arrive at our protocols…how we apply them…and how those protocols interact and inter-relate to other brain systems. That is a very big difference.

We feel it is very important to know what the actual issues are that are impeding the brain and its systems.  We do not believe in “canned” protocols, which uses a pre-assigned set of neurotherapy protocols for the “average” brain.  We instead believe every brain is unique and that no two brains are alike.  Therefore we measure each individual’s brain wave activity through the use of qEEG brain maps (a look at the brain’s electrical impulses) as well as additional neuro-cognitive and neuro-development assessments.  These diagnostics allow us a basic understanding of how the individual’s brain is functioning for specific kinds of neurological issues and conditions.

We understand the brain and how it works. We look at subcortical interactions as well as cortical functions and make sure all systems are in balance (health of the brain, function of the brain, development of the brain, maturation of the brain). The benefit to this approach is a healthy and balanced brain as well as meeting the desired physiological outcome and behavioral response.

To achieve this goal we employ a combination of neuro-engineered technology, neurocognitive and neurodevelopment techniques. They are designed to develop a balanced brain and its many and varied connections.