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Addiction – Brain Re-Set

Brain Re-Set Program for Addiction

We work with Addiction on many different levels using many different tools.

Our programs and technology restore a sense of individual self-agency (volitional control of one’s actions) and self-utility (access to internal resources for self actualization). This is accomplished by retraining the brain through targeted brain exercised that help restore cognitive resiliency (capacity to overcome negative effects of setbacks on cognitive performance), which in turn allows an individual access to their self will and other internal natural resources in order to withstand the on-going stresses and changes of life that are encountered during the journey to sobriety.

Curtis Cripe, Ph.D.
Overview of Recovery Program

How is this program and technology different?

Most other programs focus on teaching behavioral skills and educating the individual on the “ills of a non-sober life”. This is important, however, if the individual’s cognitive abilities to learn those skills or retain those skills have been compromised by addictive behaviors and substance abuse, the process of learning just won’t have a lasting effect.

Further, even if the individual does understand the concepts and/or can use them under non-stress situations, if their cognitive resiliency isn’t sufficient or crumbles under mild or moderate levels of stress, relapse is likely to occur.

We have found there is never just one issue or area of the brain that is affected. We use a wide variety of tools and techniques, but never allow those tools and techniques to dictate how we work with our clients. However, they do enhance our ability to provide the most effective treatment plan and protocols for each individual. In short, one program does not fit all. But our treatment goal is the same for each person and that is: to help each and every one regain full brain potential.

Our programs start with NeuroCodeX™, a comprehensive assessment of brain activity and cognitive abilities as it relates to emotions, regulation, and habitual cycles. The analysis of the various diagnostic modules helps identify specific areas of the brain that need strengthening or balancing or a “re-set”.

This program focuses on individuals who have cognitive function issues and may be recovering from PTSD, severe depression, substance abuse, and/or other addictions.

  • Brain Re-set improves brain capabilities and cognitive abilities.
  • Brain Re-set combines therapeutic imprinting technologies for substance abuse that targets the triggers that lead to relapse.
  • Brain Re-set focuses on balancing brain performance to pre-addiction or pre-trauma function or better.

Based on the NeuroCodeX™ analysis and Report of Findings, each program is individualized.  NeuroCoach™ starts the individual client at his or her current capabilities and encourages their recuperative edge.

– IQ – Memory
– Job Function – Head Trauma
– Depression – Anxiety
– Addiction/Relapse Triggers – Stress
– Learning Challenges – Acquired Personality Shifts

Our NeuroCodeX™ initial evaluation includes:

  • Complete neuro-functional/developmental examination.
  • Neuro-imaging procedures
  • Medical history, including review of old records.
  • qEEG (quantitative EEG) to assess the function of the brain and sensory systems.
  • Auditory tests to assess auditory processing and frequency.
  • Cognitive abilities testing