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Addiction Information

Addiction Recovery

Our clients experience 4 stages of recovery. 

Stage 1: Reduction of cravings and increase in cognitive abilities/judgment function and relapse prevention.

Stage 2: Decreased impulsive behavior while optimizing cognitive function and relapse prevention.

Stage 3: Emotional control, regulation, and maturity.

Stage 4: Recovery coupled with autonomy which equates to independence and reintegration into society.

NeuroCoach® for BrainRecovery® Program

Increased Cognitive Abilities and IQ

The Brain Re-set program for addiction improves brain capabilities and increases IQs and cognitive abilities. Cognitive training, combined with our proprietary therapeutic imprinting technologies focus on eliminating the triggers that lead to relapse. We believe in an integrated approach and work in conjunction with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals in order to maintain the best continuum of care for the client.

Our programs have great success with the following addictions:


  • Alcohol
  • Street Drugs
  • Prescription Medications
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gambling
  • PTSD


Our Re-Set  Program targets the brain to actually shift behavior patterns, which allows the individual to make proper, rational choices; thus helping to break the relapse cycle.


The focus is on removing triggers that lead to relapse. Healing and repairing areas of the brain are central to this program. Brain function or physical areas of the brain may have been damaged through use and abuse of substances or due to PTSD. This can adversely affect cognitive abilities, which can lead to the expressions of hyper-impulsivity, high suggestibility, poor judgement, poor reasoning, and poor emotional recovery.

Anger and Mood Management (Self-Regulation)

The self-regulation program introduces core skill development and management of the underlying triggers of anger and rage.  Anger triggers are identified and objective assessments indicate anger bio-markers.  These assessments target brain areas that need to be rebalanced.  Clients are able to overcome these challenges in a healthy, productive manner in order to overcome:

  • anger
  • rage
  • self-control
  • self-regulation

Depression and Anxiety

Our program can help identify specific areas of the brain, which need strengthening or balancing and can help determine if the depressions are organic or episodic in nature. For some, depression is a life altering experience. The symptoms are so severe that to just get out of bed and face the world seems overwhelming.