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Brain Polishing

Mental fitness allows an increase in mental acuity, as well as a sense of freedom from stresses and anxiety in daily life.

Improper nutrition, smoking, drinking, and medications all have an adverse affect on brain processing and daily brain functioning. Exposure to environmental pollutants for long periods of time can cause sluggish functioning, which in turn can hamper motivation and can interfere with life’s daily stresses and demands.

Brain Polishing enhances brain performance much the same as exercising keeps the body toned and healthy with NTLgroup proprietary NeuroCoach® programs.

In order to create a solid mental fitness program we use an integrative approach and identify how the brain is functioning currently as a whole, as well as identify how the health of the body may be impacting the brain utilizing NTLgroup proprietary NeuroCodeX® brain mapping evaluation, assessment, and analysis.

We specialize in evaluations for those wishing to maintain peak cognitive abilities. We also specialize in NeuroCoach® programs and services for those who know their abilities are not what they once were.